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If your idea of a good outing is to walk along trails that take you deep into forests of towering maples, ash and basswoods, by farmer fields green with corn and golden with wheat, across kames and kettles high on the Oak Ridges Moraine, close to crystal streams and waterfalls that crash over the Niagara Escarpment, as well as down quiet country roads that pass by century-old stone and brick houses, then Caledon Hikes: Loops & Lattes is for you. If you are attuned to stopping for a frosty pint or a hot coffee en route, then Caledon Hikes: Loops & Lattes is for you too. If your genetic makeup spurns walking in and out along the same trail, it would be best that you crack open a copy of Caledon’s first-ever and only dedicated hiking guide. And if you abhor the bother of a car drop, then you’d better pick up your copy of Caledon Hikes: Loops & Lattes right now. It will keep you and your house guests entertained for hours, and not just because it offers so many hiking options but because it also gives you tidbits of useful and interesting information: Who was Glen Haffy? What is the Devil’s Pulpit? Where is the best place to look for trilliums? When do the spring peepers peep? Where can I pick up home-baked cookies or a cream-cheese-laden bagel en route? What festivals are celebrated in which village and when? And after the hike is done, the route will take you right back to where you began. The circle is complete.

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Caledon Hikes: Loops & Lattes

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Halton Hikes has arrived!

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Want to reduce stress, spend time with friends and family, feel healthier, lower your blood pressure and have fun? Then lace up a pair of running shoes and hit the trails. Building on the success of Caledon Hikes: Loops & Lattes, my new hiking guide Halton Hikes: Loops & Lattes, explores new hiking territory.

It describes 37 loop routes that will appeal to casual walkers as well as seasoned hikers. Once again, the loops all begin and conveniently end at the same location so no need to drop a car or retrace one’s footsteps.

Ranging in length from 3.6 to 24.8 kilometres, each is accompanied by a detailed map, precise directions, loads of colour photos and a smattering of local lore.

Halton Region stretches north from Oakville and Burlington, up the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment near Campbellville, Milton, Acton, Georgetown and Glen Williams and into the rural areas just across the border near Eden Mills, Rockwood, Erin, Cheltenham and Terra Cotta. If you live in or visit the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe, Halton Hikes: Loops & Lattes will provide you with days of enjoyment.

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Learn more about Halton Hikes from this interview with CHCH host Annette Hamm.

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