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Not just books, but essential pieces of hiking equipment, these guides will keep you on track and suggest the best places to follow up your hike with lunch, ice cream or a frothy latte.

If you walk or hike in the Greater Toronto Area, then these are a must-have for your enjoyment on the plethora of fabulous trails throughout the area.

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Halton Hikes
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Caledon Hikes

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Loops & Lattes

Near urban hiking at its best.

Both Caledon Hikes: Loops & Lattes and Halton Hikes: Loops & Lattes describe 37 loop routes that will appeal to casual walkers as well as seasoned hikers. The loops all begin and conveniently end at the same location so no need to drop a car or retrace one’s footsteps.

Ranging in length from about 3 kilometres to about 25 kilometres, each loop route is accompanied by a detailed map, precise directions, loads of colour photos, a smattering of local lore and great ideas about where to get lunch, a snack or a creamy latte.

Halton Region stretches north from Oakville and Burlington, up the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment near Campbellville, Milton, Acton, Georgetown and Glen Williams and into the rural areas just across the border near Eden Mills, Rockwood, Erin, Cheltenham and Terra Cotta. Why not choose a hike through Glen Williams and stop for lunch at the Copper Kettle Pub or walk through the Crawford Lake Conservation Area and then head into Campbellville for lunch at the Trail Eatery or a latte at the Flying Monkey.

Caledon features the picturesque Forks of the Credit, the Devil’s Pulpit, Palgrave, Belfountain, the Badlands and more. Have lunch after your hike at Spirit Tree Estate Cidery or stop in for a latte at Higher Ground Coffee Co. in Belfountain. In Palgrave hike the Caledon Trailway and have a pint at the Church Pub. This is southern Ontario’s hiking at its best.

If you live in or visit the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe, these Loops & Lattes Hiking Guides will provide you with days of enjoyment.

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Hikes: Loops & Lattes

Learn more about Halton Hikes from this interview with CHCH host Annette Hamm.

Halton hikes


About the Author

The Niagara Escarpment is embedded in Nicola Ross’s psyche, and the Credit River courses through her veins. Years spent exploring the countryside prompted her to use a pen to help protect her home. A columnist with In the Hills magazine and the award-winning author of six books including Halton Hikes: Loops & Lattes and Caledon Hikes: Loops & Lattes, Nicola combines her knowledge of the landscape with her hiking skills to bring you routes that help you come to know your landscape.


Caledon Hikes: Loops & Lattes

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For the Caledon Hikes love story check out my video created by Mick Partlett.


About the Author

NicolaRosscroppedA hometown girl, NICOLA ROSS is part of Caledon’s landscape. Years spent hiking local trails, wandering down country roads and exploring villages prompted her to start the Caledon Countryside Alliance to help protect the area from urban sprawl. A columnist with In The Hills magazine for almost two decades and the award-winning author of five books including Caledon and Dufferin County, Nicola lends her knowledge of Caledon’s past and present to her familiarity with the trails that crisscross its dramatic landscape.


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